Rose and Black Word Collage Mix-and-Match Activewear Set

Rose and Black Word Collage Mix-and-Match Activewear Set

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These exclusive handmade garments are designed by DIANA VERA.

Introducing our new mix-and-match activewear set featuring butt-lifting legging, blouse, sports bra and shorts. All crafted from unique Colombian microfiber.

The material's superior compression technology aids in reducing muscle fatigue, expediting the warm-up process, and enhancing post-exercise recovery.
Designed for unrestricted movement, our activewear boasts excellent elasticity with elastane threads, providing comfort without heat buildup, the fabric retains its shape conforming to your body's lines.
Feel confident during outdoor workouts with built-in sun protection. Our fabric reflects sunlight, reducing the risk of skin cancer, offering a UPF 30 (UVA and UVB) protection.
For high-intensity sports generating sweat, our activewear ensures quick-drying performance. The material swiftly absorbs and dissipates sweat within 5 seconds, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout your workout.

Embrace style, functionality, and performance with our brand new athleisure wear, engineered for the modern, active lifestyle.

Note: Actual colors may vary due to on-screen representation.

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