Diana Vera

Vrava Activewear by Diana Vera


Diana Vera, the passionate Peruvian designer behind our collection, is the creative mind behind each of these exclusive handmade garments, transforming these incredible Colombian fabrics into authentic works of art. Each piece is unique, crafted with the highest quality and the Peruvian artisanal touch.

Her vision is reflected in her brand "Vrava activewear," and at VravaInternational.com, we want to celebrate the luxury of uniqueness by offering women exclusive garments that are a statement of style, empowerment, and elegance. A vibrant collection, designed for the modern, sophisticated woman who is always on the go. Each piece is a statement of style and empowerment, intended for self-assured women.

What makes these garments exceptional is that each one is authentic handcrafted art. Diana uses exclusively high-quality fabrics from Colombia in her brand and the skill of expert Peruvians to create each one of these works of art.

Diana Vera merges a passion for fashion with a commitment to quality and sustainability. Her collection is a testament to her dedication to offering women garments that not only reflect their style but are also a conscious choice for the planet. In each design, you will find the expression of creativity and the love for fashion that drive Diana Vera to push the boundaries of activewear.

At VravaInternational.com, we appreciate the value of the exclusive and invite you to join this exciting journey by experiencing the quality of our garments. Discover in them the perfect fusion of fashion, style, and comfort.